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Bow Wow disses unnamed person for contacting his DJ

Bow Wow disses unnamed person for contacting his DJ

Bow Wow is a living legend, yet the public frequently fails to recognize this. Despite the numerous jokes made about him, his list of accomplishments is impressive. Bow Wow had hits in the early 2000s, right alongside the other legends. The supporters, however, almost always play with him for whatever reason. Rappers have also attempted to disparage him. Bow sent his DJ a direct message, but he didn’t identify the sender by name. This individual is probably also a rapper. Bow Wow, however, had harsh words for them.

Initially, Bow Wow was Snoop Dogg’s protégé and had a brief contract with Death Row Records. Snoop first met Bow Wow in Cleveland when the entire Death Row team went on tour. He then flew him to Los Angeles as a result. He was then signed, and he started to appear in his music videos. Bow Wow was taken off the label by Snoop Dogg though because of how turbulent Death Row is. He was then put in a pairing with Jermaine Dupri. The remainder is history.

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Under the guidance of Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow achieved stardom. But during the past two years, Bow has been critical of JD. It looks that there is animosity between the two as a result. If Bow isn’t referring about DJ, there appears to be another person who he is furious with right now. The scenario is that Bow Wow’s DJ received a DM from someone. As a result, Bow yelled at them, among other things, accusing them of being envious of him. He added that the other individual had always been subordinate to him.

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Bow Wow disses unnamed person for contacting his DJ

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