Cost of Living in Quebec For Students 2023

Cost of Living in Quebec For Students 2023

Cost of Living in Quebec For Students

Check out this detailed guide on the cost of living in Quebec, Canada for students. Quebec is renowned for its illustrious colleges, thriving cities, and rich cultural legacy. Understanding the cost of living is crucial for sound financial planning, whether you’re an international or local student considering studying in Quebec. Examining costs like rent, tuition, transportation, food, and entertainment will help you make wise decisions and effectively manage your budget.

What Is The Average Rent In Quebec Canada for Students?

The location and kind of housing affect Quebec’s average rent. The typical monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in locations like Montreal runs from CAD 800 to CAD 1,200. Sharing lodging or looking at off-campus possibilities might further cut costs.

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What Is The Cost Of Tuition In Quebec Canada?

In general, Quebec has cheaper tuition costs than other Canadian provinces. Undergraduate tuition costs for Quebec residents range from about 2,000 to 4,000 Canadian dollars annually. However, depending on the curriculum and school, international students may have to pay higher tuition rates of between 8,000 and 20,000 Canadian dollars annually.

What Is The Cost Of Transportation In Quebec Canada?

Transportation costs in Quebec vary depending on the city and your travel needs. Public transit systems, such as buses and metros, offer affordable options for students, with monthly passes costing around CAD 85. Additionally, biking and walking are popular and cost-effective modes of transportation in urban areas.

What Is The Cost of Living in Quebec Canada For Students?

Compared to other Canadian provinces, Quebec offers a relatively low cost of living. When creating your budget, it’s crucial to account for costs like rent, tuition, transit, food, and entertainment.

  • Off-Campus Accommodation CA$ 952
  • On-Campus Accommodation CA$1,067
  • Transportation CA$ 66
  • Food CA$ 649
  • Utility CA$ 113
  • Entertainment CA$ 56
  • Groceries CA$ 99
  • Clothes CA$ 87
  • Health Insurance CA$ 75
  • Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation (Per Month) CA$ 2,097
  • Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation (Per Month) CA$ 2,212
  • Annual Cost Of Living CA$ 26,544

What Is The Cost Of Food And Other Necessities In Quebec Canada?

The cost of food and other necessities in Quebec is comparable to the Canadian average. On average, students can expect to spend around CAD 200 to CAD 300 per month on groceries. Exploring local markets and cooking at home can help reduce costs further.

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What Is The Cost Of Entertainment And Recreation In Quebec Canada?

The leisure and recreational options in Quebec are abundant and reasonably priced. The price of entertainment varies depending on the activity, but options like going to museums, parks, and cultural events frequently offer student discounts or charge minimal admission fees.

Where Can I Find The Best Student Accommodation in Quebec Canada?

Finding the best student accommodation in Quebec depends on your preferences and budget. Most universities offer on-campus housing options, while off-campus options include renting apartments, shared houses, or exploring homestays. Popular neighbourhoods for students in Montreal include Plateau-Mont-Royal, Mile-End, and Verdun.

What is the Average Cost of Living in Quebec Canada?

Considering all expenses, the average cost of living in Quebec for a student ranges from CAD 1,000 to CAD 1,500 per month. This includes rent, utilities, transportation, groceries, and some entertainment.

Cost of Living in Quebec Canada for International Students?

International students in Quebec should budget for additional expenses such as health insurance, study permits, and international student fees. It’s important to research and understand the specific requirements and fees of your chosen institution.

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Cost of Living in Quebec Canada for Indian Students?

Indian students in Quebec will find the cost of living relatively affordable compared to major cities in India. It’s advisable to plan your budget carefully and explore scholarships or part-time job opportunities to help cover expenses


Quebec’s distinctive fusion of culture and education provides a fun and reasonably priced educational experience. You may efficiently manage your budget and maximize your time as a student in Quebec by taking into account the cost of living components including rent, tuition, transit, food, and entertainment. To ensure a fulfilling academic and personal experience in this dynamic province, keep in mind to investigate specific charges, look into student discounts, and make wise financial selections.


Are there part-time job opportunities for students in Quebec?

Yes, there are part-time job opportunities available for students in Quebec. Work-study programs and part-time positions can help students earn income to support their living expenses. Check with your university’s career services for job postings and student employment opportunities.

What scholarships are available for international students in Quebec?

Several scholarships are available for international students studying in Quebec, including those offered by the government, universities, and external organisations. Research and inquire about scholarships specific to your field of study and eligibility criteria.

Is healthcare included in the cost of living for students in Quebec?

Quebec has a public healthcare system known as RAMQ (Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec). International students may be eligible for coverage under the Quebec Health Insurance Plan (QHIP) or private health insurance. Check with your institution or RAMQ for more information.

How can I save money on groceries in Quebec?

To save money on groceries in Quebec, consider shopping at local markets, buying in bulk, and planning your meals in advance. Look for discounts and sales, and explore options like community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs for affordable, fresh produce.

What are some affordable activities for students in Quebec?

Quebec offers a wide range of affordable activities for students. Visit free or low-cost museums, explore the city’s parks and nature trails, participate in community events, and take advantage of student discounts for entertainment venues and cultural attractions.

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