2023 Strategies On How to Get Clients From the USA Online

How to Get Clients From the USA Online [2023 Strategies]

How to Get Clients From the USA Online [2023 Strategies]

If you are a hustler, freelancer, or businessperson looking to create thousands of dollars in sales, one of the primary markets you should not overlook is the United States. According to statistics, the United States has the highest level of internet spending in the world. I’ll show you how to obtain clients from the United States to help you tap into this reservoir of riches.

I’ve been working online for over six years, and 95% of my customers are from the United States. And one of the most significant advantages I’ve noticed is that my monthly income has skyrocketed to more than $15,000 per month.

Dating sites are a popular source of clients from the United States. It may sound strange, but did you realize that a dating service like Bumble offers a business section? If it doesn’t appear in your own application, you know it isn’t supported in your area. I will explain how to overcome this constraint further below, so please read all the way through.

But first, I’ll show you some more sites where you may attract clients from the United States. Some of the alternatives are free, while others may require payment to broaden your reach.

Let’s get right into it and look at our alternatives.

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The Best Places to Get Clients from the USA

Some of the options here require you to create a free lead magnet to attract them, while others might require you to advertise and get them. Either way, you need a platform to reach them and communicate with them.


This may sound strange, but I’ll explain how I use this platform to attract a lot of clients from the United States. To accomplish this, you must be extremely intelligent, as well as know and comprehend the system.

Fiver’s platform has a large number of clients from the United States. As a result, astute hustlers understand how to capitalize on this.

Let me show you my step-by-step process for getting U.S. clients from Fiver.

  • Create an in-demand job description on Fiver.
  • I make my price very cheap.
  • I offer to talk to them outside Fiver for more discussion.
  • With that, I collect their email address and possibly phone number.
  • Then I bomb them with other offers I have, which would then lead to an increase in revenue.

This cheap offer is what I use to lure the clients to come to me, that way, I can start communicating with them and bombing them with other formats that I have in place.

Using Facebook Groups

If you want to get clients from the USA in bulk, then look no further than Facebook groups. This is where these clients are packed in large numbers.

In a group – once you successfully enter the group, you can see about one hundred thousand clients. Then you can start bombarding clients with your offers and hopefully try to get one of them.

It is simple to find these groups.

  • Go to the Facebook search bar.
  • Type “Jobs in California” or “House to rent in New York”
  • You will see a lot of options there, then carefully join all the groups.
  • Start sending your offers to all potential clients in all these groups.

Once you have joined one or two groups, Facebook will automatically start suggesting other groups you can join. This will make it easy for you to extend your reach and get more clients from the USA.

Use Facebook Page Adverts

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, with over 2.8 billion monthly active users. To reach potential clients from the USA on Facebook, you can create a business page and post updates about your services or products.

Your post should be focused on something that is unique to the American market. You can’t be looking to attract American clients, and you are posting about Patatas Bravas. Patatas Bravas is common to the Spanish people.

Also, your post address, IP, and everything should be pointing to the United States of America. If you are not within the American location, then you should open a U.S. Second Facebook Account with an associated page.

That way, the algorithm of Facebook will refer you to people in the U.S., and you can get clients easily from there.

Some tips for successful Facebook marketing include:

  • Run Facebook ads to target the United States. To keep your ad spend minimal, make sure you laser target to the specific type of people you want to reach in the U.S.
  • Post regularly: Consistent posting helps keep your business page active and engaging.
  • Use visuals: Images and videos can help your posts stand out and grab people’s attention.
  • Engage with your audience: Respond to comments and messages to build relationships with potential clients.

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Twitter Pages

Twitter is another easy place to gain clients from the United States, depending on your format and what you offer. However, keep in mind that in order to persuade people on Twitter, you must be analytical, knowledgeable, and intelligent.

The explanation for this is that most Twitter users have higher IQ than those on other networks. Cryptocurrency and Investment Services are two good forms and services that fit Twitter. If you run any of them, you can learn how to gain USA clients on Twitter by reading this piece.

Use Instagram Collaborations

If you have a service or something to sell to clients in the US, then you can use Instagram collaborations. They will help you reach out to your target audience of people living in the U.S.

Most of the US content creators will also have a large U.S. audience, so they can help you spread the word.

These are the steps to take.

Let’s say you want to promote a crypto coin and need buyers from the United States, then you do this.

  • Find crypto US, content creators.
  • Pitch them your ideas.
  • Discuss revenue sharing.
  • Enjoy the reward of your labor.

The same works for whatever you want to do or sell. It also applies to whichever format you want to execute. I have used this format, and it works very well and fast.

Using LinkedIn Connections

If you have a format you want to push and need like working professionals, then LinkedIn is another good place to get clients from the USA.

Filter your searches by location and select USA, then you will continuously see a list of people to follow.

Then you can start building relationships and generating leads

Some tips for successful LinkedIn connections include:

  • Optimize your profile: Make sure your profile is complete and showcases your skills and experience.
  • Connect with people in your industry: Search for people in the industry you are targeting and send them connection requests.
  • Engage with your network: Share updates, comment on posts, and participate in groups to build relationships with potential clients.

Using Dating Sites

Dating sites work best for female profiles, or people who would love to use female profiles.

Over here, I have included a complete list of dating sites that you can use to get clients, so you can go ahead and explore them.

If you are not in the U.S. and need to use dating apps to get clients, then you will need a VPN. There are many VPNs that are cheap to use, like AtlasVPN. You can click here to get it at a discount.

How to use dating apps to get clients from the USA.

  • Set up your account with a female profile.
  • Write about yourself on your profile.
  • Expatiate on the kind of people you’d want to meet.
  • Get their details like email or phone number, or Skype. Anyone that is convenient for you to maintain a conversation.
  • Take it up from there.

Quora Answers

Some clients from the USA prefer to see some level of human interaction before trusting. For that reason, Quora is a perfect place to show your expertise and gain trust.

If you know the problem you are solving, go to and search for “Problem you are solving + Quora.”

Let’s say you help people to increase their credit score, visit Google and type on the search bar “how to increase credit score illegally + Quora.”

Then you will see a list of threads with questions on how to increase scores, asked by people with this problem.

Answer the question and attach a means for people to reach out to you. Make sure that the problem you are solving is unique to the American market. That is how you can easily get clients from the USA.

Using Craigslist

Craigslist is a classifieds website that has a section for job listings, including freelance opportunities. To find freelance jobs on Craigslist, navigate to the “gigs” section and use keywords like “freelance,” “remote,” or “contract” in your search.

One of the advantages of Craigslist is that it’s free to use, and there are often a lot of listings to choose from.

You can also post your services on Craigslist, but make sure your VPN is on, to avoid being kicked out of the platform or having limited access. If you see some under-the-table jobs, you can contact the client who posted it, and find a way to deal with them.

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Cold Calling

Cold calling is another traditional yet effective way to reach out to potential clients. You can use tools like ZoomInfo or DiscoverOrg to find phone numbers of decision-makers in companies in the United States that you want to target.

Prepare a script that highlights the benefits of your products or services and how they can help solve the recipient’s pain points. Keep your call short and to the point, and make sure to follow up with an email if you don’t get a positive response.

By using these client acquisition strategies, you can attract new clients and grow your business in the USA market.

Related Questions

How to Impress US Clients

To impress clients from the USA, it’s important to demonstrate your expertise and professionalism. You can do this by creating a high-quality portfolio that showcases your best work, providing excellent customer service, and being responsive to client needs. You should also communicate clearly and effectively and be willing to go above and beyond to meet client expectations.

How do you approach US clients?

Here are some of the ways I approach US clients.

  • Cold calling
  • Newsletters
  • Cold LinkedIn pitch.

These are functional ways that work, especially when you haven’t had any prior meetings with them in the past.


By following these tips and staying focused on your goals, you can attract more clients from the USA and grow your business. Remember to stay patient and persistent, and don’t be afraid to try new strategies and tactics until you find what works best for you.

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