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Hold Your Own by YoungBoy Never Broke Again – The Meaning

Hold Your Own by YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Hold Your Own by YoungBoy Never Broke Again

YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s song “Hold Your Own” tackles themes of self-reliance, the harsh reality of street life, and the effort to uphold personal integrity in the face of difficulty.

YoungBoy discusses the risks and repercussions of living on the streets in the first stanza. He counsels a young individual to put their personal wellbeing first and to avoid making hasty judgments. He condemns those who seek rapid gratification by using drugs like Roxies and emphasizes his own ability to successfully negotiate the streets without doing so.

The chorus stresses the value of independence and fortitude, imploring the listener to rely on themselves and not look to the streets for affection or support.

In the second verse, YoungBoy reflects on his success and the challenges he faces as a wealthy and famous individual. Despite having financial stability, he acknowledges the constant risk of betrayal and violence. He expresses his frustration with a romantic partner who questions his worthiness, contrasting their doubts with his determination to make it in the music industry. He also mentions his difficulty finding solace in religion after the loss of his grandmother.

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YoungBoy references his involvement in gang-related activities and alludes to violent encounters, highlighting the destructive nature of his surroundings. Despite this, he asserts his commitment to his craft and the importance of faith in his own abilities.

The final verse delves into YoungBoy’s experiences with incarceration and the transformation he underwent while in prison. He mentions his evolution from participating in criminal activities to become a legitimate hustler. He reflects on how education and personal growth helped him leave his criminal past behind. YoungBoy also references the constant threat of violence, the role of numbers and mathematics in his life, and the challenge of maintaining his integrity and individuality in the face of societal expectations and legal pressures.

Overall, “Hold Your Own” captures YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s journey through the rap industry, his reflections on street life, and the need to rely on oneself in a world full of challenges and dangers.

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