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Meaning of I Believe in Something Better by Fat White Family

I Believe in Something Better by Fat White Family Meaning

I Believe in Something Better by Fat White Family

The Fat White Family song “I Believe in Something Better” tackles themes of discontent with society and a desire for change. The lyrics convey a sense of annoyance and despair with how the world and its inhabitants currently stand.

The singer conveys a sense of time passing quickly and a sense of social stagnation in the opening stanza. They refer to the “ancient pipes” calling, which can represent a yearning for something more primitive and real. It implies that there is a want for a more straightforward, authentic experience amidst the complexity of modern life.

The song’s chorus, which is sung again, stresses the hope for something better. It stands for a glimpse of optimism and a rejection of the way things are. This belief has been reaffirmed often, indicating a deep resolve to work for a better future.

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In the second verse, the vocalist expresses a desire to flee the stress and restrictions of city life by talking about going to the country. They speak of creating a dam in their minds, expressing a desire to master their emotions and thoughts. The phrase “let my body do the talking” conveys a yearning for freedom from social constraints and for one’s own expression.

The lyrics also touch on a critical view of progress, perceiving it as a source of misery and disconnection. The line “every sister undressed” could be interpreted as a critique of objectification and the dehumanization of women. The reference to wooden land mines implies a desire to metaphorically undermine those in power, possibly as a means of bringing about change and dismantling oppressive systems.

Overall, “I Believe in Something Better” expresses a longing for a more meaningful and fulfilling existence, challenging societal norms and calling for a transformation of the world. It reflects the band’s discontentment with the current state of affairs and their belief in the possibility of a brighter future.

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