List Of Jobs To Apply For At First Bank Nigeria

List Of Jobs To Apply For At First Bank Nigeria

Jobs To Apply For At First Bank Nigeria

Are you a recent graduate from Nigeria looking for work? Do you wish to advance in the financial industry? Have you always wanted to work for a reputable financial institution in Nigeria?

In order to help you apply for and land your dream job at the famous bank, where you can earn a solid living for yourself and your family while growing your career, we have done the research and compiled a list of recruitment opportunities at first bank in this post.

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Sir Alfred Jones, a shipping tycoon from Liverpool, England, established The First Bank. The Bank, which had its original headquarters in Liverpool, started out as the Bank of British West Africa (BBWA) and operated on a small scale in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Bank purchased the Bank of Nigeria, formerly known as the Anglo-African Bank, in 1912; the institution had been founded in 1899 by the Royal Niger Company.

In 1957, the Bank of British West Africa (BBWA) changed its name to Bank of West Africa (BWA). In 1969, Standard Bank of Nigeria Limited was locally registered in compliance with the Companies Decree of 1968 after the bank merged with Standard Bank of the United Kingdom in 1966 and changed its name to Standard Bank of West Africa Limited.

First Bank of Nigeria Limited (“FirstBank”), established in 1894, is the largest provider of financial services solutions in Nigeria, the top bank in West Africa.

First Bank Has Employment Opportunities For Nigerian Graduates The employment opportunities at First Bank for Nigerian graduates are listed below. Keep in mind that the bank always posts an advertisement when hiring new employees.

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Graduate Trainee Programme

The Graduate Trainee Programme is an annual recruitment drive with the objective of luring young, intelligent, and creative people to fill the growing personnel needs across the organization, creating a pool of future leaders who will take the Bank to the next level.

The curriculum is intended for recent graduates under the age of 27, who have earned a bachelor’s degree with a second-class lower division or an HND upper credit and who also possess the essential behavioral traits. By building a pool of replacement candidates for internal workers identified for alternative career prospects across divisions and directorates, this program supports the Bank’s career and succession planning while also enhancing employee career mobility inside the organization.

Experienced Hires

This path was created specifically for professionals with experience and places an emphasis on functional and behavioral competences, practical experience, and potentials and talents that applicants may bring to the table. Recruitment for Experienced Hire is driven by a clearly defined manpower plan and target operating model throughout the Bank’s several functional areas.

People seeking full-time employment in the bank at the Banking Assistant grade and higher are the target audience for this recruitment.

Technology Boot Camp

A pipeline-led talent sourcing strategy called the technical Boot Camp was created with the express purpose of luring top talent to the Bank’s many technological departments. Using a battery of tests to gauge applicants’ aptitude in both technical and behavioral competency areas, The Boot Camp is a recruitment fair for technological talent across a variety of functions.

The campaign is launched once a year through a variety of electronic channels, such as an internal career portal, LinkedIn, and cooperation with outside suppliers, in an effort to draw potential suitable candidates who meet the requirements for the positions. The objective is to create a sizable talent pool of tech-savvy individuals that we can use whenever a need in the field of technology arises.

This recruitment scheme includes a number of activities aimed at evaluating various on-the-job competencies and behaviors. The program is developed primarily for experienced hires with at least two years of hands-on job experience.

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Service Executive Conversion Programme

In order to provide Service Executives working for the Bank with the option to transition into full-time employees, the Bank launched the Service Executive Conversion Programme (SECP). The goal of this opportunity is to make sure that all workforce segments continue to get an interesting and genuinely fulfilling career as a result of the Bank’s Talent Management Philosophy.

Internship Programme

As an intern, you will have the chance to get fully immersed in our processes and to gain a deeper understanding of our organizational values, which could eventually lead to a full-time career with the bank. Our internship program offers students a special chance to put their academic knowledge to use in a professional context and gain first-hand experience in the field they are studying.

You will have the chance to become fully immersed in our processes as an intern, expanding your knowledge and grasp of our operating principles with the possibility of moving on to a full-time employment with the bank.

Internal Sourcing

FirstBank is committed to giving internal personnel chances to develop and obtain a variety of experiences during their careers with the bank as part of its talent development plan. As part of this strategy, open positions are often advertised on the Bank’s recruitment portal in order to elicit applications from internal candidates who meet the position’s prerequisites.

Through this platform, employees have the chance to deepen their skills, knowledge, and competencies across various functional areas. By doing so, they will gain more work experience, acquire new skills, and use their cross-functional capabilities to make a difference in the Bank.

FirstBank Management Associate Programme

Transitioning into senior management can occasionally be challenging. At First Bank, our flagship program, FMAP, gives our young people a one-of-a-kind opportunity to achieve their career aspirations. Young, energetic, and highly driven people who want to make a difference in the financial services industry are the target audience for the First Bank Management Associate Programme, a 24-month comprehensive fast-track curriculum.

The curriculum offers participants a wide range of experiences, including both in-class and out-of-classroom learning, giving them an informed and well-rounded view of the workplace.

Candidates from both inside and outside the company who have strong analytical, financial, and communication skills are encouraged to apply. They should also be able to combine ideas, information, and data to improve decision-making.

How to Apply for any Job in First Bank Nigeria Plc

Note that First Bank is not recruiting currently. however, you can always check out their website for new opportunities on www.firstbanknigeria.com/

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