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Johnny & Associates Issues Statement on Bishonen Scandals

Johnny & Associates Issues Statement on Bishonen Scandals

Johnny & Associates Issues Statement on Bishonen Scandals

Bishonen, a Johnnys’ Jr. ensemble, has had a challenging week, beginning with the leak of Issei Kanasashi’s intimate images and continuing with a revived video of Yuto Nasu and Ryuga Sato stumbling over creampuffs in the Tokyo Imperial Theatre dressing room. Angry at their alleged immaturity and worried about how this would affect the possibility of a potential debut, fans of both of these occurrences stirred up a commotion on social media. In response, Johnny & Associates has issued a formal statement on both issues that includes personal statements from each of the group’s six members as well as Yoshihiko Inohara, president of Johnnys’ Island.

The statement opened with an apology from Johnny & Associates for the inconvenience to fans that these incidents have caused. It continued, stating that the company spoke to Issei, Yuto, and Ryuga about the facts of the incidents, and they admitted that they had done these actions in the past. In Issei’s case, he recognizes that his actions lacked self-awareness and responsibility. In the case of Yuto and Ryuga, they recognized that their actions were completely unbecoming of idols and particularly rude and disgraceful to the staff and production teams of the locations where their shows are held. The three Bishonen members all reflecting on their actions and the inconvenience that they have caused.

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Issei, Yuto, and Ryuga’s cases are all different, but they all must learn from them and grow as members of society. The future activities of the three were considered, including the possibility of temporary suspension of activities, but it was decided that they could continue as is, but with a new sense of awareness and responsibility. After sincerely apologizing to everyone, Issei, Yuto, and Ryuga will go forward and show that they now have a new attitude.

Although these scandals are the result of the three’s lack of self-awareness and responsibility, the company also takes responsibility for its overall insufficient guidance and supervision, and both the company and the offending Bishonen members have committed to taking these incidents to heart and committing to ensuring that they won’t happen again.

Johnny & Associates closed by once again apologizing.

Inohara also apologized for the scandals. He also apologized for the delay in releasing a statement, saying that it took the company time to confirm the facts of the cases. He said that the actions of Issei, Yuto, and Ryuga are not acceptable for anyone, much less an idol. He hopes that trust can be restored for everyone after these incidents. He added that he will deepen his awareness to make sure these things don’t happen again. In regards to suspending activities, Inohara believes that while doing such a thing encourages reflection, he also believes that doing this could be a means of abandoning adult responsibility, which is why facing the fans with humility and sincerity is the best way to grow.

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Not only did Issei, Yuto, and Ryuga apologize, but so did the other three members of Bishonen: Naoki Fujii, Taisho Iwasaki, and Hidaka Ukisho. Of note, Yuto said that he deeply regrets the “shameful act of wasting food.” He also unexpectedly apologized to the people who made the food and the other people who used the dressing room, adding that his actions “smeared mud” on the face of the group. Ryuga also apologized for the same, including the people who made the food and the other people who used the dressing room.

In his apology, Naoki noted Bishonen’s lack of awareness and the lack of communication between the group’s members which could have prevented this. He said that the group will behave in a more aware way going forward so as not to betray people’s trust again. Taisho noted in his apology that he was not aware of these incidents previously, and is committed to focusing on the group’s CD debut chances more earnestly.

All the members of Bishonen vow to continue in a more mindful manner so as to regain the trust of fans and industry alike, and be a group that is worthy of love and support.

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