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LYRICS: Meaning of こっから (Kokkara) by SixTONES

LYRICS: Meaning of こっから (Kokkara) by SixTONES

Meaning of こっから (Kokkara) by SixTONES

SixTONES’ song “こっから (Kokkara)” is about accepting one’s true self and beginning a new chapter in life. The song’s lyrics exhibit tenacity, fortitude, and a willingness to defy social conventions and constraints.

The lyrics in the verses discuss the difficulties and problems that people have. The words “! ” (Whose knowledge? The uncertainty of life and the urge to fit in are reflected in whether you bend or grow in this world. Despite these difficulties, the song stresses the value of remaining true to oneself and not being scared to take chances.

The chorus expresses the burning determination to pursue dreams and break through barriers. The line “自分なんだ こっから始まんだ” (It’s me, it starts from here) signifies a new beginning and the belief that one’s true potential will be realized through effort and perseverance. The song encourages embracing the ideals of childhood and putting in the necessary effort to achieve mutual love and understanding with one’s dreams.


The post-chorus repeats the phrase “Yo! 1-2-3-4, 順番通り 行ってないだけで予定通り” (Yo! 1-2-3-4, following the order, it’s just as planned), suggesting that even if things don’t always go as expected, it’s essential to keep moving forward, rolling with the punches, and embracing the unpredictable nature of life.

The bridge refutes the idea that external causes are to blame and underlines the significance of taking personal accountability. It rejects the notion of brilliance or intrinsic talent and instead emphasizes the will to keep working hard in spite of any perceived inadequacies.

Overall, ” (Kokkara)” conveys a message of fortitude, self-discovery, and the conviction that by remaining true to ourselves, taking chances, and embracing the journey ahead, we can realize our true potential.

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