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The Meaning of Blue Canvas by ClariS

The Meaning of Blue Canvas by ClariS

The Full Meaning of Blue Canvas by ClariS

The lyrics in ClariS’ song “Blue Canvas” discuss the value of cherishing special moments and memories as well as themes of love and friendship.

The first verse’s lyrics describe a white line passing through a runway as a representation of freedom and the sky. This road of individuality and distinction is symbolized by this line.

The second verse highlights the notion that no two shades of blue can be the same and implies that new shades can be found when different blue hues blend together. This idea can be understood as the pursuit of personal growth and ongoing inquiry into new experiences.

The pre-chorus highlights the value of emotions over words and the desire to spend the rest of one’s life with a special someone. It recognizes the potential of paths changing and people going their separate ways while yet clinging to the memories shared and the friendship created.

The chorus urges listeners to join hands and wait for one another, reinforcing the notion of oneness and connection. It talks about leaving a legacy of chance meetings and the yearning for an endless cosmos that keeps growing. The process of painting a canvas is used as a metaphor in the lyrics to represent the urge to create new stories and memories.

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The third verse reminds listeners that even in terrible times, there is beauty and growth to be discovered by comparing tears to paint, even though they flow over, they still contribute to coloring tomorrow.

The pre-chorus emphasizes the value of not being scared to get wounded as well as the comfort and support that come from being close to someone. It promotes the idea of photographing special scenery and fleeting moments.

The chorus emphasizes the connection between the narrator and the person they are speaking to by equating their meeting with fate and the realization of unending dreams.

The bridge emphasizes the influence and talents that the person being addressed has had on the narrator and concentrates on the concepts of self-acceptance, self-love, and the bravery to trust in oneself.

The call to hold hands, appreciate the wonder of encounters, and safeguard enduring ties and memories are all repeated in the closing chorus. The blue canvas represents a space where fresh hues, encounters, and connections are made, resulting in a vivid and lovely world.

The outro encourages listeners to appreciate the beauty of life and the experiences it delivers by serving as a reminder to treasure the priceless memories and the pleasure that awaits in painting the blue canvas.

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