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LYRICS: Meaning of STARS by B’z

LYRICS: Meaning of STARS by B'z

Meaning of STARS by B’z

B’z’s song “STARS” has the message of self-realization and resiliency. The lyrics are written from the viewpoint of those who are struggling but feel lost in their own life and are looking for guidance and purpose.

The narrator expresses displeasure with their present situation in the opening stanza by getting their hair cropped as a metaphor. They are empty inside and wonder why they are powerless to alter their circumstances. The perpetual wailing that goes unresolved reflects an unending sense of unhappiness and self-doubt.

The chorus uses metaphors for the hopes and dreams of the listeners by talking about stars dancing in the sky and burning stars. They are looking for the solutions they need and wondering where they will ultimately end up. The fact that they keep saying “hi hi hi” suggests that they are determined and enthusiastic despite the difficulties they are facing.

The second verse’s lyrics exhort the reader to look about and recognize the effort and brilliance displayed by everyone in their immediate environment. It emphasizes that there is no reason for hesitancy or holding back and exhorts them not to fret or worry unnecessarily.


The bridge introduces the notion that conflicts and fights are happening everywhere, yet everyone has something to protect. The desire to make others smile is prevalent, even if it means sacrificing something within oneself. The repetition of “ハートの中” (heart no naka) suggests introspection and the eventual realization that comes with time.

The chorus is repeated again, amplifying the message of the song. The burning stars and dazzling stars represent the individuals themselves, shining amidst adversity and being blown by the stormy winds, signifying their resilience and willingness to face challenges head-on.

Overall, “STARS” encourages listeners to keep searching for their purpose and embrace the turbulence of life, celebrating their own uniqueness and determination to shine bright like stars.

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