MISAMO Japan 1st Mini EP「Masterpiece」

[EP] MISAMO – Masterpiece

[EP] MISAMO – Masterpiece

J-pop group With the release of their mini album Masterpiece, MISAMO, comprised of Mina, Sana, and Momo, the three Japanese members of the Korean girl group TWICE, made their formal debut. MISAMO have undoubtedly had a hectic summer considering how quickly the North American leg of TWICE’s fifth global tour came to an end and the subunit’s promotional efforts in Japan got underway.

Given the popularity of TWICE’s Ready to Be World Tour, which resumes in September, and the quick success of Masterpiece following its release, it appears that MISAMO and their business, JYP Entertainment, are reaping the benefits of their labor of love.

Masterpiece is MISAMO’s first Japanese micro album. “Do Not Touch” served as the album’s title track, and it was released on July 26, 2023.

As an insert music for the Japanese drama Liaison -Children’s Heart Clinic-, “Bouquet” was made available on January 25, 2023.

The pre-release dates for “Marshmallow” and “Do Not Touch” were June 16 and July 14, 2023, respectively.

Six different physical versions of the record are available: Deluxe, Normal, ONCE JAPAN, Mina, Sana, and Momo.

Aimer 7th Album “Open α Door”


1. Do not touch
2. Behind The Curtain
3. Marshmallow
4. Funny Valentine
5. It’s not easy for you
6. Rewind you
7. Bouquet

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