Ms.OOJA New Album “40” Finally Released! !

[Album] Ms.OOJA – 40

Ms.OOJA – 40

Ms.OOJA 9th original album「40」


File Format: mp3 / flac
Archive: RAR
Bitrate: 320 kbps / lossless
Release Date: 2023.09.06

anew Album by anewhite


01. True
02. Desert
03. Epilogue
04. 40
05. Little Car
06. 優しい世界の真ん中で
07. 楽園
08. Sky
09. 光射す方へ

Stream below;

Stream Ms.OOJA「40」(from Billboard LIVE YOKOHAMA)

Liner Notes

“True” – Track 1

Second single “True”. It’s a miracle that you find someone you like, and the other person feels the same way.The moment you two begin to love each other, dopamine and serotonin are released in your brain, and you feel that everything has been rewarded. I expressed such an uplifting feeling.

It’s often said that love is like a drug, and that’s exactly what it is. I want to taste this happiness, and my desires escalate and become paralyzed.

It’s the opposite theme to the first “Desert”, but it’s always love to rush into “Desert” after “True”. I want to never forget the “True” feeling.

Collite with her familiar Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai and her Yui Mugino.

“Desert” – Track 2

The title “Desert” can mean desert, but it has a strong connotation of hourglass. As an adult, I should have learned a lot from my past relationships, but instead I find myself unable to move. It expresses at will the feeling of exhaustion and frustration in love, as if the sand in an hourglass is steadily accumulating under one’s feet. Produced by Runhyang and Shingo.

S. I’ve always been a fan of the humid songs that the two of them create together, so I’m very happy that they were able to create a very feminine song. As a side note, he was really looking forward to Shingo.S bringing delicious homemade bread and baked goods as Mr.beat baker every time he made productions. I would like to work together again (lol)

“Epilogue” – Track 3

Third single “Epilogue”. As the title suggests, this is a song about the end of love.

I think that breaking up with a lover is similar to bereavement in that the two people who were in a romantic relationship can never get back together (there is a pattern of getting back together, but it is also a different form).

It is said that love is more successful when two people are moving in the same direction rather than staring at each other.

It is truly a miracle that two people who are strangers can live deeply together, sharing the same time and emotions and making many memories that only two people can make, even though they clash with each other.
The two people who loved each other so much are no longer here. Neither you nor I can go back to who we were then.

Although it should not change as an object, its soul (feeling) disappears. I sang about the feeling of being in the midst of such a sense of loss.

Produced with JiN and arranged by Futoshi Kawashima.


Since the release of “30” in 2013, the 30-year-old’s heartbreak song has been loved by many. “Next time is 40 (release),” she said from her fans and those around her, but she turned 40 so quickly that she didn’t even have that image in mind.

What are the views on love at 40? I was very worried. I created it as a collaboration with JiN and Yui Mugino, but after making it and putting it to rest, making it and putting it to rest, I kept worrying about it and decided to forget about it for a while.

And while the album was progressing smoothly, when I listened to the songs again, I realized that something was missing. That was “40”. When I listened to it again, I realized that this was an absolutely necessary song.

So when I decided to record it in a hurry and wanted to make some changes, there was nothing that needed to be fixed. It felt like it was finally falling into my pocket.

Now that I’m 40 years old, I’ve started thinking more about the future. That is a real future. To put it in an extreme way, it means “How will I die?” There are parts of me that are enjoying it because the time limit, which I couldn’t see at all, has become a little blurry. Think about what you believe in and how to live your life. “40” feels like being caught between such wavering feelings and strong will. I would like people to listen to it while feeling the connection from “30”.

“Little Car”

The theme of this song is a message to myself 20 years ago.

When I think back to my 20-year-old self, music, clubs, dreams, and small cars come to mind. For me, the inside of the car was like a small studio, and driving was = singing time. I was in a small car (light car). The last one I rode was NISSAN’s pink MOCO, it was cute and I really liked it. She has written lyrics in her car, and of course she uses her car to go to local clubs to sing. I learned that cars have many memories.

I created this book with the intention of telling myself, “Somehow, I’ve come this far” to myself, who was clumsily living my life with only a dream that I didn’t know if I could grasp or not, and a young, determined girl.

“Songs In A Minor” in the lyrics is the title of Alicia Keys’ first album. It’s been about 10 years since I moved to Tokyo, and I didn’t have anything to do with driving, but for some reason after I wrote this song, I started driving again, and I’m enjoying music in my own space again. Masu.

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