Neo Standard Night Tempo CD Album

[Album] Night Tempo – Neo Standard

Night Tempo – Neo Standard


File Format: mp3 / flac
Archive: RAR
Bitrate: 320 kbps / lossless
Release Date: 2023.09.20

Dream Ami Digital Single “Love & Laugh”


01. Input
02. Structure Of Romance (feat. Kyoko Koizumi)
03. Passion (feat. Kaoru Akimoto)
04. Run Or Hide (feat. Marina Watanabe)
05. Shampoo (feat. Yu Hayami)
06. Live Once (feat. Anju Suzuki)
07. Ninna Nanna (feat. Miho Nakayama)
08. Needy Greedy (feat. BONNIE PINK)
09. New Romantic (feat. Maki Nomiya)
10. Silhouette (feat. Asako Toki)
11. One Love (feat. Hitomi Tohyama)
12. Output

Korean producer/DJ Night Tempo Release second full-length album. Features 10 female artists. All songs are produced by Night Tempo, and are based on future funk, vaporwave, and house music. It contains 12 songs in total, including “Structure Of Romance (feat. Kyoko Koizumi)” and “New Romantic (feat. Maki Nomiya).”

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