Ryokuoushoku Shakai 4th Album – “pink blue”

Ryokuoushoku Shakai - pink blue 4th Album
Ryokuoushoku Shakai – pink blue 4th Album

pink blue/緑黄色社会

The new single from Japanese indie pop group Ryokuoushoku Shakai, “Pink Blue,” is perfect if you’re seeking for a funky dance track that will get you up and dancing crazily in your living room as soon as you hear it.

The song is upbeat, catchy, and a real banger thanks to Haruko Nagaya’s strong vocals.

The song’s lyrics and music were both written by the renowned singer-songwriter, Haruko Nagaya, thus it is undoubtedly something from her heart.

‘Pink Blue‘ also comes with an official music video, which was choreographed by Suichu-megane, and is equally as innovative and fun.

Spitz 17th ALBUM – “Himitsu Studio”

Ryokuoushoku Shakai’ ‘Pink Blue‘ is the title track and the first track on the four-piece band’s fourth studio album.

A 12-track album that came out on May 17th via Sony Music Japan.

File Format: mp3
Archive: RAR
File size: 112MB
Release date: 2023.05.17


01 ピンクブルー
02 Starry Drama ※TCK(東京シティ競馬)2023 年度 CM ソング
03 ジブンセイフク ※YKK「それは、はじまりの⾳放課後」篇 CM ソング
04 あうん
05 ミチヲユケ ※日本テレビ系 水曜ドラマ「ファーストペンギン!」主題歌
06 うそつき
07 陽はまた昇るから ※映画「クレヨンしんちゃん もののけニンジャ珍風伝」主題歌
08 湿気っている
09 Don!! ※FUJIFILM 「ワクワクがリンクする。」INSTAX mini Link 2 篇 CM ソング
10 White Rabbit ※TOHO animation ミュージックフィルムズ「秘密のはなの庭」タイアップソング/東海テレ
ビ「Finder TRIP」テーマソング
11 さもなくば誰がやる ※劇場版「緊急取調室 THE FINAL」主題歌
12 Slow dance

Stream below;


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