Shuka Saito – Aishite Shimaeba A

[Album] Shuka Saito – Aishite Shimaeba

Shuka Saito – Aishite Shimaeba

斉藤朱夏 – 愛してしまえば

Aishite Shimaeba (愛してしまえば) is the third mini album released by Saito Shuka. Released on August 9, 2023.

Japanese voice actress and vocalist Shuka Sait. Currently, she is connected to Holy Peak. She is recognized for her role as You Watanabe in the multimedia franchise Love Live! Sunshine!!. She is also a role model for the same franchise’s Aqours unit.

File Format: mp3
Archive: RAR
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Release Date: 2023.08.09

(An Imitation) Blood Orange Album By “Mr.Children”


  1. Aishite Shimaeba (愛してしまえば)
  2. Baby Tell Me (ベイビーテルミー)
  3. Hanbunko (はんぶんこ)
  4. Dengon Ai Uta (伝言愛歌)
  5. Natsu Uta (夏唄)
  6. Aishite Shimaeba (愛してしまえば) -Instrumental-
  7. Baby Tell Me (ベイビーテルミー) -Instrumental-
  8. Hanbunko (はんぶんこ) -Instrumental-
  9. Dengon Ai Uta (伝言愛歌) -Instrumental-
  10. Natsu Uta (夏唄) -Instrumental-

Stream below;

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