New 11th Single from SixTONES! (CREAK)

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SixTONES – Creak

SixTONES brings the 11th single. In addition to the title track “CREAK,” it includes several B-side songs..

With their 11th single, “CREAK,” which is available on YouTube and YouTube Music, SixTONES open a strange new realm of pop music fantasy.

“CREAK” is a hard-driving pop song that makes advantage of one of the group’s greatest strengths: their ability to harmonize. It is a dancing song with touches of rock.

SixTONES Release New Single “Kokkara”

Given that “CREAK” also serves as one of the two theme songs for the new mystery drama “Knockin’ on Locked Door” (airing Saturdays at 11pm on TV Asahi), which co-stars group member Hokuto Matsumura and fellow Johnny’s artist Daigo Nishihata of Naniwa Danshi, the music video’s constantly-changing Burtonesque backdrop is particularly appropriate.

On August 30, a physical disc version with added bonus tracks and making-of videos becomes available anywhere Japanese CDs are sold.

LYRICS: Meaning of こっから (Kokkara) by SixTONES


[Type A+B + Regular] [CD]

2 Eye to Eye
4 こっから -Old School Breakin’ Remix
5 CREAK -Instrumental-
2 We can’t go back (Taiga Kyomoto)
3 Love is… (Shintaro Morimoto)
4 Sorry (Juri Tanaka)
2 ガラス花 (Hokuto Matsumura)
3 MUSIC IN ME (Yugo Kochi)
4 Never Ending Love (Jesse)

Documentary of SixTONES Solo Project
CREAK -Music Video
CREAK -Music Video Making
CREAK -Music Video Solo Movie-

Catch up on SixTONES’ previous digital releases as well as fun (and very funny) variety videos, uploaded weekly to their official channel!


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