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SixTONES Release New Single “Kokkara”

[Single] SixTONES – Kokkara

SixTONES – Kokkara (こっから) Mp3 Download

The ninth single from SixTONES, “Kokkara,” was made available on June 14. Shintaro Morimoto, a group member, is featured in the NTV drama “Daga, Jonetsu wa Aru,” which has this song as its theme song.

SixTONES performs a rap relay while the song “Kokkara” combines  breakbeats with a live band feel. The song is about having the fortitude to overcome challenges even when things don’t go well or you’re not the best.

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1. こっから
3. Tu-tu-lu
4. ABARERO -Dark Electro Rock Remix-
5. こっから -Instrumental-


Below you may watch the “Kokkara” music video that was just released!

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