Spitz 17th ALBUM – “Himitsu Studio”

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Spitz – Himitsu Studio17th ALBUM


After nearly four years following the release of “MIKKETSU,” they have finally finished recording their 17th original album. The album has the songs “Beautiful Fin” for the film “Detective Conan: Submarine,” “Daikyomono” for the film “What Did You Eat Yesterday?,” and “Detective Conan: Submarine” both have themes. The album has 13 tracks in all, including the “Oikyomono” theme song for “Detective Conan: Black Iron Fish Shadow” and the “What’d You Eat Yesterday?

CHAGE New Album “Aoi Sora Dake Ja Nai

File Format: mp3
Archive: RAR
File size: 364MB
Release Date: 2023.05.17


01 i-O (修理のうた)
02 跳べ
/03 大好物
04 美しい鰭
05 さびしくなかった
06 オバケのロックバンド
07 手鞠
08 未来未来
09 紫の夜を越えて
10 Sandie
11 ときめきpart1
12 讃歌
13 めぐりめぐって

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