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[Album] Taro Hakase – THE SHOW TIME

Taro Hakase – THE SHOW TIME Album

Taro Hakase’s first live album! This album consists of a selection of selected material from his concert tour “BEAUTIFUL WORLD” in 2022.

From 2020, the band members will become the current “Super Band” for their annual concert tour, and the 2022 tour will be their third year. (Takeshi Feather, Shunichi Oshima, Hiroki Kashiwagi, Yoshito Tanaka, Kiyotsugu Amano, Makoto Yamaki, Gota Yashiki, Hitoshi Watanabe, Michiaki Tanaka). Every time this member overcomes many hardships in the corona wreck, the sense of unity increases, and the further refined live performance has been highly evaluated as the highest level. This year’s new album is carefully selected from the live sound sources and aims to be a masterpiece as Taro Hakase’s first live album. An album full of content that can be enjoyed regardless of whether you have attended the concert or not.

BAND-MAID – 10th Anniversary Best Vol.2 Album

1. Ork Doll ~ Platinum Wind (Live)
2. Messenger Birds (Live)
4. Mizukaze ~ MIZUKAZE ~ (Live)
5. Feather and Leaf (Live)
6. Trip of Dreams (
7. Himawari (Live)
8. Between calm and passion (Live)
9. Passion continent (Live)
10. Hakase-chan (Live) 11.
To Love You More (Live)

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