How To Withdraw Money from My Netspend Card for Free?

Withdraw Money from My Netspend Card for Free?

Where can I withdraw money from my Netspend card for free? Most frequently, using a free ATM network or receiving cash back at a retailer.

Many people use a Netspend card as a convenient alternative to a traditional bank account. People use it to pay their bills, get their taxes reimbursed, or if they are unable to utilize a traditional bank.

Whatever your reason for having a Netspend card, you might want to be able to withdraw money from it without incurring any costs. Before making a withdrawal from Netspend, it’s crucial to pay attention because there are a number of costs that you could incur.

Now, if you’re wondering how and where you may make a free cash withdrawal using my Netspend card, pay attention. If you know where to find ATMs that won’t charge you or shops that will give you cash when you make a purchase, withdrawing money from your Netspend card is simple.

However, there’s more to learn. For a deeper understanding of everything, keep reading this essay.

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Where Can I Withdraw Money from My Netspend Card for Free?

Where Can I Withdraw Money from My Netspend Card for Free?

1. Using the MetBank or MoneyPass ATM Network

Similar to hospitals and insurance plans, ATMs have networks. Not all ATMs are created equal; some are friendlier and allow free withdrawals of cash. However, there are a few ways to make a free cash withdrawal from your Netspend card.

You can make a free cash withdrawal from your Netspend card via the MetBank or MoneyPass ATM networks. If you have a Netspend card, you won’t be charged at these ATMs.

Since MetaBank functions as Netspend’s primary financial institution, it makes natural that they would provide free ATM access to Netspend users. Simply check that the ATM displays “Privileged Status” to obtain free money.

There are around 61,000 MoneyPass ATMs all over the US. And it is one of the largest surcharge-free ATM networks in the country. They can usually be found in 7-Eleven, Costco, and CVS locations. If you’re looking for one, a MoneyPass ATM locator is integrated into the Netspend app, which will help you find the closest cash withdrawal locations near you.

2. Getting Cashback at a Store

You can obtain free cash from your Netspend bank card in other ways besides ATMs. In some stores, you can even ask for a cashback when you check out.

When was the last time you were able to request a cookie after school? In select businesses, you can now request cash when making a purchase. Even if it’s less frequent, it’s still a smart option to avoid ATM fees and receive cash.

Many grocery stores and large retailers might do this, albeit not every store would. Inform the salesperson at the counter that you wish to receive cash back on your Netspend card when you make a purchase.

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They will explain how it works and how much money you can receive. After that, you insert your card into the reader just as you would when making a purchase.

The device asks for your secret PIN and communicates with your Netspend account. That serves as the secret password for your card.

The cash will be given to you by the store employee after you enter your PIN. The funds you receive will appear in your Netspend history alongside your purchases.

If you spent $120 on groceries and received $60 back in cash. You won’t incur any ATM fees, but your Netspend history will reflect a $180 charge from the shop.

Keep in mind, stores might have a limit on how much cash they can give you this way. Ask them about it, so you know how much you can get when you go shopping. This way, you will have the money you need, and you won’t be surprised.

3. Stick to Netspend Card’s ATM Network

Use only ATMs that are part of the network of your card if you want to withdraw money from your Netspend card without paying anything. Usually, while using an ATM to withdraw money, going outside of this network can result in increased fees.

As noted before, you can utilize the MetBank or MoneyPass ATM network to make free withdrawals from your Netspend card. If you have a Netspend card, you won’t be charged at these ATMs.

Netspend provides users with the benefit of using either the MetBank or MoneyPass ATM network to withdraw money from their Netspend card without paying any fees, similar to many other financial institutions that give the benefit of fee-free withdrawals from ATMs controlled by the same bank. You won’t be charged at these ATMs if you have a Netspend Card.

4. Use Digital Payment Wallets

By eliminating cash altogether and using digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay when available, you can completely eliminate ATM costs. Check to determine if any place of business, whether it be a shop, restaurant, or somewhere else, accepts payments made with a digital wallet before you go there. You can avoid paying any ATM fees if you do this.

Additionally, Netspend cardholders have the choice to transfer funds between Netspend accounts utilizing FlashPay. Simply sign in to your account to initiate the transfer using the Online Account Center.

Even better, you can send money from your phone to the receiver or business without paying any ATM fees using these options, which conveniently connect to your bank account.

I have made a guide detailing how you can transfer money from Netspend to PayPal. Alternatively, you can fund your Cash App from a Netspend card.

What is Netspend’s ATM Withdrawal Limit?

Before using your card on Netspend, you should be aware of some key policies and charges. They want to be sure that you are informed of potential financial obligations.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to withdraw money from your Netspend card at an ATM:

Each time you use the ATM, you can withdraw up to $325, and you can withdraw up to $940 during a day. You may perform this up to six times each day.

However, if you ask a cashier for help and you need more money, they can offer you up to $4,999.99 every day. You can spend up to this much each time you use your card to make a purchase.

Is 711 ATM Free Netspend?

There is a nice explanation for why most 7-Eleven ATMs do not charge for Netspend withdrawals. You see, 7-Eleven thought of the brilliant idea of allowing several banks to share their ATMs.

More individuals can use them in this way without having to pay additional expenses. Therefore, at the majority of 7-Eleven ATMs, you can withdraw cash without paying any fees using your Netspend card.

And as an added bonus, unless your card issuer chooses otherwise, 7-Eleven often won’t charge you any fees either. The only expenses you might incur are from your own bank or card issuer, plus any foreign exchange fees your bank might impose.

But there’s a catch, Not every 7-Eleven ATM offers free withdrawals. So, it’s a good idea to hop onto 7-Eleven’s website to find out more about this.


Look for a MetBank or MoneyPass ATM in your neighborhood to make a free cash withdrawal from your Netspend card, or utilize the cashback feature at a retailer nearby. Preparation is also beneficial.

Determine how much cash you’ll require for the coming week or longer, then withdraw it all at once. Just keep in mind that no matter whatever path you take, withdrawal limits still remain. So bear such in mind and make plans as necessary.

Finally, it’s a smart idea to have a little extra cash in your wallet. It might serve as your designated cash reserve for scenarios in which only cash would do. You won’t have to pay additional ATM fees this way.

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