Miko Hanzaki Releases Her Long-Awaited 4th Mini-Album

[Album] Yoshiko Hanzaki – Utaben 4 you

Yoshiko Hanzaki – Utaben 4 you Album

The fourth mini-album from singer-songwriter Miko Hanzaki has finally been released! “Uta-ben 4 you,” the fourth book in the well-liked “Uta-ben” series, is based on the idea of letters. Yoshiko Hanzaki, who frequently receives letters at her live performances in malls, is responding to you with this compact album. Satoshi Takebe was the sound producer for both songs, ” “, a letter to her former self who was lost and struggling with her dreams when she traveled to Tokyo to become a singer, and ” “, a letter from a parent to a child who has left his birthplace and is working hard in a faraway land.

The songs “Before This Letter Thirsts,” produced for a Japan Post event, and “Letter to My Landlord,” a letter to my landlord, are all included in the jacket. The song “To the Earth ~Chorus Ver. ~” is one of the songs that made it into the textbooks, which had been a longtime dream of the artist. It is recorded in a new version with a choir chorus and a grand scale.

‎THE SHOW TIME by Taro Hakase

1. Road
2. Snow postmark
3. Before this letter dries
4. Landlord and my blues ~When you are in trouble, each other~
5. Gentian
6. Tears of memory
7. Along the stars
8. Earth to with anointed mass choir

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